Live Art Video & Photo Filters!

Experience filters and effects in real-time on your camera!

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Beautiful Art Filters for your iPhone

We know you’re beautiful. So place your face into the work of art you want! Kiko is an amazing photo art filter app that works live, in real-time right on your camera. You don't need to take a photo, apply a filter and wait until it processes. With Kiko, the look is applied directly on to your camera view.

You’re in totally control with Kiko, with the ability to apply filters on both live camera view and to photos in your library. Do you want to see what your world would look like if you were inside a Van Gogh, a Gustav Klimt, an oil painting, a pencil drawing, or in a spectacular anime style movie that is rotoscoped in real-time? With Kiko you can do it.

Every day you'll get an amazing new premium filter to try out and to put yourself in.

Kiko is completely secure and private. Unlike with other filter apps, on Kiko all photos are processed directly on your device and never get sent anywhere. Don't risk your privacy!

This app offers in-app purchases to unlock all the filters. You can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis and you will receive a free three-day trial. Simply go to your library and preview the filters on one of your existing photos.

This app uses the fast GPU on newer iPhones to deliver the filters in real-time and will work a little less fast on a phone that is more than a couple of years old.


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